Where Law Meets Life

Jason M. Byrd, hosts The Byrd Chronicles - “Where Law Meets Life." In this podcast, Jason examines specific areas of the law, including day to day issues that affect all of us, along with other topics of interest. Set in a fun and relaxed environment, The Byrd Chronicles and his top-notched guests embark on a journey examining the law, life, and the pursuit of happiness in America.

About The Host

Jason M. Byrd originally opened TBLF in 2005.  After several years of representing large businesses including insurance companies, petrochemical companies, manufacturers and suppliers, he decided his true calling was to help people with their legal needs.  Now, TBLF typically represents individuals and small businesses in disputes with the Fortune 500 type of defendants he used to represent. Mr. Byrd’s primary practice area involves the representation of policyholders in disputes with their insurance companies and has personally handled thousands of these types of insurance cases.  Byrd also has considerable experience in the areas of commercial litigation, serious personal injury, dangerous drugs/pharmaceuticals and products liability litigation.