Jason M. Byrd, hosts The Byrd Chronicles – “Where Law Meets Life.” In this podcast, Jason examines specific areas of the law, including day to day issues that affect all of us, along with other topics of interest. Set in a fun and relaxed environment, The Byrd Chronicles and his top-notched guests embark on a journey examining the law, life, and the pursuit of happiness in America.

Recent Episodes

TBC 19 | Jefferson County Democratic Party
  With elections just around the corner, it helps to know the important people who are going to be leading our community in the future. Jason Byrd offers up a platform for that in this insightful episode. He has over Joseph Trahan, who is running to be the next chair of the Jefferson County Democratic Party. In this position, Joseph would play an important role in leading the party, determining the direction in how they
TBC 18 | Jefferson County Party Chair
  A senior pastor’s wife, Ava Graves has been active in her church in Houston even before she was married. Ava is the democratic party chair at Jefferson County in Texas. On today’s show, she joins Jason Byrd to talk about why she loves Beaumont City, her life and work as a senior pastor’s wife, and becoming Jefferson County’s democratic party chair. She also talks a little bit about being a community volunteer and shares
TBC 17 | TPC Explosion
  On November 27, 2019, two massive explosions tore through TPC Group’s chemical plant in Port Neches, Texas. Chemical and petroleum-based products blew up in smoke and have since affected many in the area, prompting a mandatory evacuation among those within a four-mile radius. Discussing this recent event,  host Jason Byrd brings on two guests to share with us their experiences and insights about this TPC Explosion – local reporter Tiffany Murphy and local business
TBC 16 | Tyler Knows Everything
  There are so many things you can learn from someone who has so much on his plate. Today, renaissance man and host of Tyler Knows Everything, Tyler Troutman, is on the show. As a state delegate, he has a lot of stories about passing some laws and pointing out opinions on having figureheads. Besides the political side of his life, he also talks about his life as a family guy, teaching his daughter how
TBC 15 | Challenges Of A Lawyer
  Being a lawyer is a very interesting profession because it involves so many interesting cases. Janson Bailey talks about what drove him to be an attorney and shares his experiences in his profession. As he shares some stories of cases where he has learned some great lessons and applied it to his own practice, he also talks about the importance of achieving balance in life to refine yourself as a lawyer. Janson then turns