Jason M. Byrd, hosts The Byrd Chronicles – “Where Law Meets Life.” In this podcast, Jason examines specific areas of the law, including day to day issues that affect all of us, along with other topics of interest. Set in a fun and relaxed environment, The Byrd Chronicles and his top-notched guests embark on a journey examining the law, life, and the pursuit of happiness in America.

Recent Episodes

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TBC 5 | Note Business
  Scott Carson, an old-time friend, entrepreneur, and host of The Note Closers Show podcast, joins us for some fun stories and insights from the note business. Laying it down simple, Scott explains what nonperforming notes are and how you should be on the right side of the payment stream. While some of us find it hard to get started with making deals, Scott assures us that with the right people to talk to and
TBC 6 | City Council
  Jefferson Fisher is a Beaumont, Texas lawyer who has thrown his hat into politics and is running for City Council. He is a bright and interesting young man with a vision for his local community. Jefferson extends that to us as he shares his personal and family life, as well as what life has been like being on a campaign. Tired of the way things are at the city council, Jefferson steps in and
TBC 04 | Animal Conservation
  Listening to the voices of the next generation, my son, Bryce Byrd, joins to offer a wealth of knowledge about reptiles and animals. Bryce is a curious and bright eleven-year-old and a budding herpetologist. He talks about his reptile-keeping hobby and herpetology while giving recommendations on finding the right reptile to take care of for the first time. As global warming becomes even more felt here on earth, Bryce shares the importance of animal
TBC 3 | Old Testament
  All Randon Clark has ever known is the church. Growing up, living, and working for the church, Randon has found it to be an extension of the family. Eventually becoming pastor, his relationship with God has grown even deeper. Randon candidly shares about being a Pastor for so long and coming to face with the union of ministry and business. Reflecting on the wisdom from the Old Testament in today’s modern society, Randon shares
TBC 2 | Fitness
  Some of us become too consumed with our work that we forget to take care of ourselves. On top of that, we do not have the time to be with the people we love anymore. A living proof that we can achieve that work-life balance is Amy Collins. Aside from being a lawyer and a mother of three kids, Amy is also a fitness trainer and a fashion model. She shares how she manages

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