Jason M. Byrd, hosts The Byrd Chronicles – “Where Law Meets Life.” In this podcast, Jason examines specific areas of the law, including day to day issues that affect all of us, along with other topics of interest. Set in a fun and relaxed environment, The Byrd Chronicles and his top-notched guests embark on a journey examining the law, life, and the pursuit of happiness in America.

Recent Episodes

TBC 14 | Art Of Lobbying
  The word lobbyist often has an unpleasant ring to it. However, when understood well enough, you will find that the world actually needs them. In this enlightening episode, host Jason Byrd talks with Jacob Smith, a lobbyist and a Principal of Longleaf Consulting, about the art of lobbying. Jacob sheds light on the importance of a lobbyist, most especially when it comes to educating legislators, staff, and people alike. He also touches on the
TBC 13 | Practicing Law
  Not everything is about money and publicity. A little courage and a lifetime of integrity in the field of law set some men apart from the others. Daniel Horowitz, currently the President of the Houston Trial Lawyers Association, talks about practicing law and his path from being a law clerk to becoming a leading plaintiff trial lawyer in his pursuit of helping those who can’t help themselves. He elaborates on the daily workings of
TBC 12 | Transforming Your Life
  Nothing is more inspiring than a transformational story. One that involves not only physical but an overall transformation in health, personal, and business is Adam Schaeuble’s Million Pound Mission journey. Self-professed PHD, “Previously Heavy Dude,” Adam has turned his life around from weighing 327 pounds to losing 100-pounds in five years. Extending that feat to others, Adam has since become a transformation coach, podcaster, and author who helps others live healthily and make an
TBC 11 | Texas Watch
  Consumer protection is designed to ensure the rights of consumers. It also entails that there should be fair trade, competition, and accurate information in the marketplace. Texas Watch is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that insurance companies and other corporations are accountable to their customers. Executive Director Ware Wendell leads all phases of Texas Watch. He shares how the organization has been fighting for families and consumers by providing a platform to preserve and strengthen
TBC 10 | Breaking Down Barriers
  Never let religion or race hinder you from doing what you love most. Retired lawyer Henry Blum talks about living in a world that is so complex in religion and race. Henry shares a bit about his family background being Jewish, having immigrant parents, and raising up daughters who are already married and professionals. He dives into the Jewish religion and what makes someone a Jew, and shares some of their wedding traditions. He