TBC 12 | Transforming Your Life
  Nothing is more inspiring than a transformational story. One that involves not only physical but an overall transformation in health, personal, and business is Adam Schaeuble’s Million Pound Mission journey. Self-professed PHD, “Previously Heavy Dude,” Adam has turned his life around from weighing 327 pounds to losing 100-pounds in five years. Extending that feat to others, Adam has since become a transformation coach, podcaster, and author who helps others live healthily and make an
TBC 11 | Texas Watch
  Consumer protection is designed to ensure the rights of consumers. It also entails that there should be fair trade, competition, and accurate information in the marketplace. Texas Watch is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that insurance companies and other corporations are accountable to their customers. Executive Director Ware Wendell leads all phases of Texas Watch. He shares how the organization has been fighting for families and consumers by providing a platform to preserve and strengthen
TBC 10 | Breaking Down Barriers
  Never let religion or race hinder you from doing what you love most. Retired lawyer Henry Blum talks about living in a world that is so complex in religion and race. Henry shares a bit about his family background being Jewish, having immigrant parents, and raising up daughters who are already married and professionals. He dives into the Jewish religion and what makes someone a Jew, and shares some of their wedding traditions. He
TBC 9 | Insurance Agent MMA Fighter
  We all have lived different lives in the past apart from our current day jobs. For Cody “The Wolverine” Williams, that is being a mixed martial artist behind being a licensed insurance agent and broker. Cody shares his wealth of knowledge about the fighting world – going over MMA and UFC to jiu-jitsu and boxing. Leveraging both his passion for fighting and being an insurance agent, Cody talks about the time he used his
TBC 08 | Political Awareness
  If politics is a negotiation, then everyone has a say. Economic Resiliency Planner of South East Texas Regional Planning Commission, Jes Prince, walks us through her involvement in local elections and advocacies. Discover the critical issue she is focused on and the reason why she encourages everyone to exercise their right to vote. A licensed realtor and community enthusiast, she shares the non-profit organization she’s involved in and the task force that deals with